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Welcome to the website of the Platform BIBS

The platform “Biopolymers, Structural Biology” supports you in the structural characterization and localization of biopolymers on a range of scale from nanometer to millimeter

The BIBS platform is a set of powerful scientific analytical equipment’s in four areas: mass spectrometry, microscopy, NMR and phenotyping / Chemotyping.

These powerful technologies are served by scientific and technical expertise of a dedicated staff and an internal bioinformatic team (Team and contacts).

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An original and diverse expertise

The BIBS platform develops methods dedicated to the analysis of biopolymers, in biological systems (plants, plant organs, cells ...) or synthetic and model systems (food and food matrices)

Identification / Structure of biopolymers (proteins, polysaccharides, lipids)

Structural variability of biopolymers in sample collections

Tissue, cellular and subcellular localization of biopolymers

Characterization of molecular interactions

Mobility / Diffusion of solutes in situ (lipids, micronutrients ...)

Hydration properties of composite systems or formulated food and non-food

Monitoring activities of degradation or transformation. Impact on the molecular structures


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